July 24, 2012

New City Reader [03 - Puzzle] is out on the streets of İstanbul!

New City Reader [03 - Puzzle] -Terra Incognita is out on the streets of Istanbul! Terra Incognita is a game written by Demilit with precedent research and commentary by Rob Greco/Grecolaborativo.

Introduction: THE GAME
Puzzles begin with placing the first piece. Take the plunge. Play this game: Terra Incognita. Start an infinite geographical puzzle. Enter your routine world in a way you wouldn’t even recognize. Study your city to discover something you had never imagined. Every piece of Terra Incognita you create can be the seed for a new puzzle or the newest addition to an expanding one.

TERRA INCOGNITA (TI) is played to cipher and decipher a city.
In TI, players map a collective incompleteness—a group hallucination of an imagined terrain. By building and interacting with their puzzle, players identify conflicts and fissures in their towns, explore unknown neighborhoods, play entertaining games, solve evolving mysteries, and fantasize about hidden geographies. TI can be a combined activist tool, an art piece and a discussion catalyst all in one.

By using or subverting the instructions in this newspaper, players can develop techniques of puzzle-making, and play games with their collected puzzle pieces. TI can be personal and embodied. It can be played to recover the places that most affected you in your life. Or invent the city that you wish existed. This is a never-ending game that continuously pieces together a parallel world.

TERRA INCOGNITA is for anything your imagination yields. Let this inspire group activism, novel story plotting, community planning exercises, team building, a classroom assignment to learn a history lesson, and so on and so forth.

TI can be a straightforward cartography, and it can also be about inventing fun and curious objectives that give explorations in mapping a utility beyond their recorded markings. The process of mapping or charting a phenomenon becomes a game; a puzzle of relating a series of micromaps.